What to do when you discover a leak: 3 simple steps

A simple piece of missing shingles can quickly turn into a monster leak!

Step#1: Schedule an Inspection

Home owners tend to jump the gun to call their insurance companies without understanding their coverage. The result is usually a claim on their record without any payment from the insurance company because the cost of the damage did not exceed the deductible. However, if the damage does exceed your deductible, your insurance company will give you plenty of time to get the repairs fixed. In the state of Texas, insurance companies are legally obligated to allow 365 days from the “date of loss” for home owners to file and collect insurance proceed. So relax, don’t panic, but act with a sense of urgency because a small leak can quickly turn into a costly disaster. Schedule a Free Inspection with us so that we can begin properly documenting and taking pictures to prepare a a report should you have to file a claim with your insurance company.

Step#2: Locate the Leak

Check to see if there is any attic space located directly above the leak. If there isn’t any, then there is nothing else that you can do at this point. If there is, then use a flash light to explore your attic space directly above the leak. From that location, look directly above and around of the inside of your attic space. Look for any moist areas, pipes, accessories, or AC units or copper lines leaking condensation that could be a culprit. Once you’ve located the leak, use a thick black marker to draw an X in the area where you believe the leak may be coming from. The X that marks the spot will help you to relocate the leak much faster.

Step#3: Use Preventive Tactics

Prevent the damage from getting worse by placing a bucket, some towels, and a small fan in your attic. It’s important to watch the clock, monitor the buckets and towels, and to rotate them as the water is gathered from the unknown source of penetration. This will create a safe temporary boundary to prevent additional costly damage to your sheet rock.


At this point you have done everything in your power as a homeowner to control the leak. You’re now patiently waiting for one of our representatives to be ringing your door bell any moment. When we arrive, we’ll be prepared with a Satellite Image of your roof understanding the exterior structure of your home. Once after you’ve escorted us to the location of the leak, we’ll simply take it from there. Almost 100% of our Leak Detections are successful when we can execute 2 very simple steps: #1: Access the attic directly above the leak, and #2 Use your garden hose to isolate a Water Run Test from the roof top. Read more about our Roofing Inspections Services and be informed!

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